Sunday, February 15, 2009


I once lived on a floathome in Cowichan Bay, BC, here on Vancouver Island. It was one of the best and most memorable times in my life. I would wake up in the morning to the sun playfully dancing and sparkling on the water. With my pj’s still on, I would take my cup of dark roast coffee outside onto my ‘deck’ and as I opened the sliding glass door from my bedroom, I would be greeted with the scent of salty sea air and the sound of gulls overhead. As I sat blissfully on my little patio chair, I would wave to the locals as they passed by in their fishing boats, quietly observe a heron sitting majestically on a log boom beside my floathome and laugh out loud at a family of sea otters nuzzling and playing outside an abandoned floathome anchored next to mine.

As I sat there soaking in all the scents and sounds of the bay, I decided that this must be what Heaven is like. How could it get any better than this? Even as I write these words, I am transported back and realize that pieces of my heart and, yes, my soul, are still back there at that floathome.

I think that perhaps God gives us glimpses into the future… to a place we can look forward to with a sense of anticipation: a place where there is no more sadness, no sickness, no pain or death.

Just the scent of salty sea air…

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