Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing Tourist

I love this island. No matter how many times I explore, I always find something new and wonderful. I have been asked by my relatives on the mainland why we don't move there and save ourselves the ferry expense. I tried that once and was miserable. My heart is here and always will be.

I spent this Wednesday with a dear friend and we just hopped in the car and went wherever the spirit moved us. We found a fantastic art gallery in Union Bay called 'Sea-Change Open Studio'. My friend and I were amazed at the unique and innovative creations we saw there, all hand-fashioned by a very talented husband and wife team. The outside is even amazing with funky chairs fashioned out of driftwood and whimsical and dramatic sculptures made from scavenged beach items and clay. What a treat! This photo of the moon shells was taken there. I hope to post a few more from there in the near future.

So we kept on driving, stopping at anything that tweaked our interest. When we talked about whether we should turn around and come home, we decided we weren't quite ready to so off we travelled right up to Campbell River. I discovered that I love Campbell River and realized that I hadn't even been there before. It's a much larger town than I had thought it would be with ocean views, boats and fishing everywhere you go. Definitely my kind of place.

I do love this island and I plan to stay here for a long, long time.

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