Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Journey


Well it's been such an adventure for Cheryl and I ... when I think of how it all started and where we are now, I never would have imagined it. From selling a few Christmas ornaments at our local art gallery to opening our own online gift shop and now, having our creations selling in two tourist gift shops ('Newfoundland to Nanaimo' and 'The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre'), boggles the mind. I think that what I have learned through our journey is to never say "never" because, if you love to do something and you believe in what you do, anything is possible. One foot in front of the other.

Here is one of our latest creations... the "
Mermaid Treasure Bottle - Cobalt Blue". A customer loved the other one she bought so she ordered one in blue as well. So it was sold almost as soon as we made it. Hopefully, we will find a few more cobalt blue bottles as they are very striking.

Tomorrow, Cheryl and I will be getting together to create a new tile serving tray as our first one was sold at the Nanaimo store. Good news! They are rather time consuming but the finished product is very satisfying. It can be used either as a tray or as a seaside art piece for the wall.

Well, today is yet another indoor day due to the fact that it is raining YET AGAIN! So time to catch up on some marketing and blogging. I will be creating a couple of new seaside creations for our site today, too. Good idea for a crummy day! So check out our site soon to see our new treasures! Hope you are having less rain than we are...

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