Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Precious Time Capsule


When you decide to create something, you just never know the impact it might have on someone. I have always loved the romance behind the 'Message In A Bottle' concept... the fact that someone would write a heartfelt message meant for someone they love or someone they haven't even met, in hopes that someday, somewhere, someone would find it intact and read its precious contents.

We recently sold a Message in a Bottle to a mother of a young child. She explained that her plan was to give it to her young daughter with the intention of having her daughter open the bottle several years later to see the meaningful words her mother had written to her so many years before... a time capsule of sorts. What a wonderful idea!

Time is indeed a precious gift that is so easily taken for granted. We never know how long someone we love will be in our lives and, when that someone is gone, we remember vividly the last words we spoke to them, either with a smile on our lips or regret in our hearts. Whether we choose to express those words the way this mother did or whether we say them audibly, it is so important that we say them. While there is time...


Sam said...

I love this idea! I love your items! I've entered in the giveaway over at TAFW!

Mom. Undecided.

A2SeaCreations said...

Good luck Sam!

Lynn said...

AThis is absolutely gorgeous!! I've became one of your followers and have entered your giveaway over at Tools Are For Women Too..