Saturday, June 4, 2011

New at A2Sea Creations... Pottery!

Nautical Ring Bearer's Ring Holder Or Treasure Dish - Hand-Built Coiled Pottery

We are very pleased to announce that A2Sea Creations now has a few hand-built pottery pieces for sale! Clay is very enjoyable to work with and the creative possibilities are endless.

We have a new nautical multi-purpose treasure dish (see above) a unique and fun 'denim jean' clay mug (perfect for dad for Father's Day) and a brand new artsy bird plaque called the 'Bird of Hope'.

We will be introducing more pottery pieces in the near future so check us out from time to time! I hope to have my clay 'sea goddess' mask finished soon and when it's completed, it will be for sale on A2Sea Creations. We'll see how it turns out first. One of the exciting aspects about working with clay is the wonderful surprises you get when you open the kiln after the glazing/firing process is finished. You never quite know how your treasures will turn out. I can hardly wait! So stay tuned! We will even have some nautical clay jewelry for sale.

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