Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Things Happening!

I am such terrible blogger!  Where is the time to do all this stuff?  Heavens.

Well, I am on my own again - crafting, that is.  My co-partner is off and away at her winter home in Yuma.  Sniff sniff.  Oh well, she loves it there and has such a good time, catching up with friends, going to her quilting group and experiencing many new adventures!  I am so happy for her.  But admittedly, I do miss her around.  We always laugh a lot together.

As for A2Sea Creations, we have a bunch of new items in the Newfoundland to Nanaimo store, as well as in the Parksville Tourist Centre.  We just sold one of our very popular Wedding Ring Bearer's Boxes again, and one of our beautiful Mermaid Lights.  So things are happening around here.  It always pays to check out our 'Sales' section in case you see something you like - we might be able to remake it for you!  We love to do customized work.

As for me personally, I just opened up a new Art Gallery where I am now able to offer canvas, metal and acrylic prints, greeting cards, framed prints and phone cases. (iPhone and Galaxy).  This is quite exciting for me!  And great timing for Christmas.  It's so nice to have a platform from which I can offer all of these options.  And I have arranged for my old link: to go to my new site.  Pretty slick, huh?  That way it's nice and easy to remember.   (Pretty tricky, Micki.)

Well, I'm off to do some much-needed cutting back and cleaning up of plants in my yard.  It's quite chilly so I better bundle up.  Cheryl, on the other hand, is enjoying nice, hot, 26c degree weather!  BRAT!!

Mermaid Light - Tealight Holder - Glass & Seashell

Ring Bearer's Box - Beach Wedding Ring Holder / Pillow

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