Sunday, August 30, 2015

A2Sea Creations Loses a Ship Mate

Well, a few of you may know that my co-partner Cheryl has left A2Sea Creations.  But there are no hard feelings, whatsoever.  In fact, Cheryl and I are still the very best of friends and always will be. But with her gone several months of the year, it is no longer practical. However, I am sure she will keep on collecting shells and such for me.  She is the 'Sherlock Holmes' of finding nautical treasures.

It's difficult to believe that we started A2Sea Creations together six years ago!  The time seems to have flown by and that is probably because we have had so much fun creating things together.  They say that 'laughter is the best medicine' and I believe it!  We have certainly done our share of laughing together.  Cheryl does this 'thing' with moon shells... well... you'd have to see it to understand.

I recall our humble beginnings, creating at my kitchen table.  What a mess that made!  Then we moved to my guest room.  That was fine until I had guests!  Finally, we moved everything out to my workshop.  My husband, David, kindly allowed us take over the space and reduce him to a very small corner... the only spot that isn't messy, I might add.  Bless that dear, patient man.

Cheryl and I did the craft markets for awhile... it was fun, but not lucrative enough for all the work it entailed.  This is a photo of Cheryl pretending to be 'Vanna White' at the Errington Farmer's Market.

We tried a few more markets... one was, what one might consider, a disaster!  We were invited to bring our wares to a local marine swap meet.  Sounded like a great opportunity, right?  Wrong!  We were the only ones there that sold 'girly stuff'!   Everyone else was selling things like greasy boat parts and motors from the tailgates of their trucks!  LOL.  But the upside is, it had motivated us to make a whole bunch of new and different nautical creations and get some experience in setting up a craft table.  I always try to find the positive spin on things.  Plus, I got to hold a parrot that day!

Cheryl and I eventually made a decision not to do any more markets once we started selling our handmade products in local gift shops.  That is, until I talked her into doing one last one... 'Etsy Made in Canada Day'.  Being the team captain of the Vancouver Island Etsy Team, I felt it would be a good thing to get involved in, as this was a 'first'.  I helped promote it and we had our own table as well. Although it wasn't a huge money maker for us, we got to meet several of our VI team members in person, which was lovely.  Out of that came some great friendships and connections.  And again, it motivated Cheryl and I to create some new beach treasures.

It has been a wonderful 'nautical ride' with my friend and co-partner, Cheryl.  Although it wasn't always 'smooth sailing', we learned a lot about what to do, what not to do, what sells, where it sells best and, above all, we had a great time working together.  This is a photo of Cheryl and I displaying our wares at the Newfoundland to Nanaimo Gift and Souvenier shop on the harbour in Nanaimo, BC. The photo below was taken by the local newspaper after we had raised over $10,000 for Japan for the earthquake / tsunami disaster relief in 2011, with the help of the Vancouver Island Etsy Team and other local artisans.  

The Newfoundland to Nanaimo gift shop is our best venue for selling our creations and, if you haven't been, it's well worth visiting. It is a wonderful shop chock full of nautical yumminess and many fabulous items made by local artisans. Say hi to Esther for us and tell her we sent you!

Thank you Cheryl for making A2Sea Creations so fun, for making me laugh, for giving me confidence, for believing in me, and for being so unafraid to try anything.  You've been an awesome 'ship mate', a wonderful travelling buddy and I will always be thankful for you and our friendship.  

Love... your 'ship mate - Mickers'.  


Esther Holubowich said...

Aww, this made me tear up! Cheryl, you still need to come in and say hi once in a while! And Micki, you're the best!

Micki Findlay said...

Thanks Esther. Cheryl said it made her tear up, too. I seem to be very good at making people cry. Haha! I will be sure to pass along your message to her, Esther. Hugs.

Shirley Alexander said...
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Shirley Alexander said...

Sorry to hear you are losing your partner but happy to know you are not losing your friend :-) When you DO find time to spend together, now you will be able to dream up NEW kinds of mischief to get into!

Micki Findlay said...

You're right Shirl! I am sure we will! LOL. Thanks. x0x