Thursday, February 19, 2009


Story and Photo by Micki Findlay - 'Herring Season' - (To purchase click here) A2SeaPhotography

What is it about the ocean that beckons us? When I close my eyes and think back to some of my favorite memories, so many involve the ocean. To me there is no aroma so intoxicating as fresh, salty sea air blended with that of a distant campfire. I am instantly transported back to a time when all was perfect with the world in a wonderful place called Gibsons, BC where I had been asked to serve as a volunteer chaplain for Cub Scout Camp.

That was a precious time for me on so many levels. I had prepared all my lessons ahead of time so I could take part in as many camp activities as possible and thereby develop relationships with the boys. I went there to teach some life lessons but they ended up teaching me just as much, if not more. For instance, I learned to cook an entire meal over a campfire in a foil pouch, (gotta love dishes), how to steer a canoe (well, almost), how to build a lean-to in the forest, how to catch a fish (and an old boot!) without a rod or reel, how to take part in homemade boat races down a stream, how to sing a hundred silly camp songs, many of which required me to use every muscle in my body and, most importantly, how to discover the best parts of myself.

During the day I played hard and at night, I slept like a baby. I grew to love each and every boy there as they opened their hearts and lives to me. We learned from each other; lessons that were life-changing and eternal.

So now when I go down to the sea I remember. And smile.

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