Friday, February 20, 2009


My friend and (co-partner, Cheryl) came over and we created a whole bunch of new and wonderful seaside creations to sell on our Etsy site. I am so much better at staying on task when I'm working with Cheryl because she is so focused, whereas I am all over the place. We make a great team! We are both creative but we also have different strengths and so we compliment one another. But on top of it being a productive day, it was a delightful day; the sun burst through the windows and we played some great old tunes from the 70's and sang to them from time to time. And funny enough, we always seem to break into song at exactly the same moment! It's a bit eerie, actually.

I am grateful for those days when we get together and create new treasures because we laugh our heads off and enjoy each others' company. Good friends are a rare and precious gift and as I have grown older, I appreciate that gift now, more than ever. Certainly we work wonderfully together but as we do, we create something even more precious than the material things. Something eternal...

True friendship.

A2Sea Creations

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