Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mermaid Catcher

We've added a new treasure to our seaside creations! Are you ready for this? A genuine, bone fide, authentic Mermaid Catcher! I, for one, am so excited about this! And as far as I know, we are the only ones who make them!

Throughout centuries, the stories of mermaids have intrigued us. They are said to have great beauty, with hair as fine spun gold, their tails of silver and pearl and their lips the colour of sea coral. Many a sailor would claim to have caught a glimpse of mermaids and fishermen have sworn to have been saved from drowning by them.

This delightful and whimsical candle holder has a mystique all its own. It is said that mermaids are drawn to the light of a flickering candle and their favorite colour is seagreen, as it reminds them of their home; the ocean. Place this gorgeous candle holder on your window sill and as you light it, make a wish. Then watch. If you are patient, you will catch a glimpse of a mermaid. And, if you are lucky, she will stay awhile and sing to you.

Our Mermaid Catchers will not be for sale online, but we will be selling them at local craft fairs that are coming up in May. One is on May 9th in Coombs at the Annual Marine Swapmeet held outside the Independant Marine Store at 2443 Alberni Hwy. We will be there from 8 am to 2 pm with our Mermaid Catchers and many more nautical treasures. Come down and 'sea' us! And don't forget Mom's Day... it's the very next day! We will have plenty of lovely gift ideas for your wife and mom!

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