Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Craft Room!

Today was a very productive day and I have my hubby David to thank for that. He bought me a large fold up table and some bookshelves for our spare room so it could be turned into a craft room for me. Until now, Cheryl and I have been creating in my kitchen because it was the only room large enough to work in together. So you can probably imagine the chaos involved in trying to cook around such things as seashells, driftwood, sea glass, moss, raffia, fish netting, crab shells and a multitude of other seaside treasures. Fortunately for me, I am quite adaptable and can work amidst chaos. And also fortunately for me, David is extremely lay back and easy-going and does not get his knickers in a knot over these things. In fact, when I apologized for the mess he said, "What mess? When I'm sitting in my chair here (in the livingroom) I can't see any mess."

What a man I have... a real prize. Not many men would put up with having to make coffee in the morning over a sink full of soaking seashells and a counter full of cleaned crab shells and drying driftwood! Not many indeed! But even so, it will be nice to have some order in my home once again. And Cheryl, my partner in crime, is an amazing organizer and has kindly offered to help me get my new room set up. So thanks to David and Cheryl, my life will soon be back to normal, until I find another way to mess it up, that is.

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Mignon said...

I can relate. I have such a husband. We've been together 22?? years now and married for nearly 15and he is quite aware that he has married a dibbling and dabbling into a bit of everything person. And grad. school turned our dining room table and two card tables into Mignon's private library and study..........then jewelry isn't the only thing I dabble in.........what other people see as junk, I see what it can be turned into..........oh my poor husband. I can just envision him getting breakfast in and around driftwood and seashells - not a far leap here. :)