Saturday, March 21, 2009

NEW - Posters on A2Sea Photography!


I am pleased to announce that we now have inspirational posters on A2Sea Photography!

This particular poster is compliments of my funny kitty, Jasmine, who decided to be particularly adorable for me one day. She is very photogenic, as you can see, and has become quite used to my camera being in her face. Here are a couple more with my little star:
'A Masterpiece' and 'My Friend' . I didn't actually plan to zero in on Jasmine, but how could I resist? I mean, look at that face, for heaven's sake!

There are several other posters in various themes, ranging from psychedelic to sepia, funny to religious. (Not that religious can't be funny. Monty Python can attest to that!) I hope you enjoy the new, fresh additions to our photography site. If anyone has an idea for a poster, I would love to hear it!

Okay, I have to go make some new creations because the May craft fairs are coming quickly and I have got to hustle! Wait... one more photo, "Hear kitty kitty!"

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