Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Friend

'A Cheeky Wave' - PhotoArt by Micki Findlay
The Singing Photographer

If there is anything I have learned, it is to bring my camera wherever I go because you just never know what you will see! I met this gorgeous, funny macaw at the Marine Swapmeet in Coombs... A2Sea Creation's first local sale. There was a man walking around with him on his shoulder and I asked (of course) if I could take pictures. What I didn't expect was his owner placed him right on my arm with no warning! I was a bit freaked out, I must admit, but fascinated at the same time. Here is a photo of him waving at me... so cute!

We were out of our element at the swapmeet... our lovely, feminine, sparkly glassware creations seemed a little out of place amongst the myriad of used boat parts, anchors and old, seasoned fishermen. I had to laugh when one of them asked 'How much?' for the strap ties we were using to put up our banner. (Oh brother!) But, in spite of the fact that we were completely out of place, we didn't do too badly. My hubby David said to me, "If you sold 10 things there, just think how well you will do when you are in a more appropriate venue!" Bless that man!

The Errington Farmer's Market was much more suited to what we are selling. We will return for sure... especially in the summer months when the tourists show up. We will be ready for them!

Well, tomorrow I am off to Victoria to spend the weekend with my niece and great niece. We will celebrate our birthdays as they are all so close together.
Hopefully this glorious weather will continue! Thanks to my dad for my birthday cheque... good timing! And I see cheesecake in my future... man I love birthdays.

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charkstudios said...

I just made a perfect cheesecake all from scratch 2 weeks ago....all gone...sorry! I just added beachy type supplies to my Etsy: CharkStudio so check it out!