Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Time of Growth and Challenges

'Life Down Under' - PhotoArt by Micki Findlay

I realized today that my blog has been sadly neglected as I madly prepare for all the exciting things coming up this month in my life. It seems like everything is happening at once... many challenges which I am loving! And I love how my friend, Cheryl, spurs me onward and upward to grab life by the horns and ride! I don't even think she realizes she does, but it is true. I find that having a friend who loves life and faces it fearlessly and with gusto, truly helps me to grow and stretch myself. Thank you, my friend.

This week Cheryl encouraged me to make some cards with my seaside photos for our craft booth. So I took her up on her suggestion and, in so doing, discovered some photo frame card stock in my workshop I had forgotten all about having. (Did I mention that I am quite disorganized, as is my workshop?) So I got to work and was pleased with the results. Also, I had told her how I had many nautical-themed photos that I needed to get processed as I thought they would be more in demand by the tourists. So again, she encouraged me to tackle one photo a day until I get them done. So I was once again motivated to 'get at it'. However, because of my personality, once I got on a roll I couldn't stop at one. Or two. Or three. I am so pleased with how many I was able to get done and be happy with. Now we have to wait and see if my work will pay off. The ones I am most pleased with are 'Fish Tales', 'Life Down Under', 'Gone Home' and 'Done For the Day'. I have a few more that are not up on our site yet but soon will be.

A2Sea Creations will have our booth at the huge, Canada Day celebrations at the Community Park on the beach in Parksville on July 1st. According to the website, there is a ton of events going on... everything from fireworks to a midway, go-carts and kite flying to the legendary Canadian band 'Chilliwack' playing on the outdoor stage. We are quite excited to be able to take part. They are expecting around 20,000 people this year. Whew! If you don't live in Parksville, my suggestion is to make the trip... it will definitely be a worthwhile family day!

So tomorrow night I am off to the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery to find out the results of a juried photography show I had entered my work in called 'Click '09.' Like I said, there is a lot going on and I LOVE IT!

And finally, much to my shock and amazement, I am actually enjoying gardening. I have dragged home a lot of plants for our yard and my wonderful, uncomplaining man has dug many a hole to accommodate me. But it has sure paid off. We both feel so blessed to be able to sit in our backyard with cold drinks in hand, enjoying and appreciating the beauty all around us. It has been quite the learning curve for me because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I have managed to not kill everything, by some miracle. Things are actually growing and thriving, even though I have made the mistake of occasionally pulling out plants thinking they were weeds! But I am learning!

Have a great June everyone and embrace life!

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