Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two More Sleeps!


Well it's just two more sleeps until our big sale and we're pretty excited! As it turns out, the sale actually starts at 9 am, which is good news for me, not being a morning person and all! Someone had their wires crossed. We will be there setting up at 8 however. So if you come early, no problem... there will be coffee on and doughnuts provided. Doughnuts are in the five food group category.... aren't they? Later on, they will be serving hotdogs so that will be handy need to bring a lunch!

So many purty things have we! Here is an example of one of our newest 'Mermaid Treasure Pendants' and the pretty bottles you see underneath are chock full of our homemade, Lavendar Sea Salt Scrub. Men... we know how you most of you dislike wrapping presents so we have done the work for you... each bottle is all decked out in cellophane, special 'mermaid ribbon', a Happy Mom's Day sign and ready to present to your mom or sweetie!

Well, Cheryl and I are both pretty pooped but we are looking forward to our sale and seeing people we know. A special thanks to Dorothy for coming out the day before to help us and for lending us her canopy! Oh... and for getting us boxes, telling people about us and being an all around great support! My hubby David just offered to help us get everything to the sale and back, offering his muscles and his big vehicle. This is a huge gift because my body is pretty wrecked (lol) and Cheryl was prepared to do all the grunt work while I set the stuff out and decorated. I was feeling bad about that. So thank you so much for offering my dear hubby! I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big, fat smoocharooni. What a wonderful thing it is to have a hubby who is on your team! I am blessed.

It is supposed to be sunny on Saturday so that will be a bonus! Hope to 'sea' you all there!

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