Friday, July 17, 2009

New Photos on A2Sea Photography

'The Olde Steeple' - PhotoArt by Micki Findlay

What a gorgeous day this is turning out to be! It is an intoxicating feeling when the sun streams in through the windows. On mornings like this I sometimes bring my camera outside and simply take photos of flowers and such in my garden. The magical thing about having a garden is that everyday there is something new going on; roses have bloomed, berries have ripened, plants are flowering... I love being out in my yard.

When it comes to photography, the thing I find magical is the play that goes on with light and shadows. This photo I call 'The Olde Steeple', is of St. Anne's Anglican Church on Wembley Road in Parksville. The church was completed in time for St. Anne’s Day, 26th July 1894. I am drawn to old buildings and this is a particularly lovely one.

Well, I must go and get ready as I have a friend coming from out of town and I am still in my pj's. We are going to go take in the Coombs Market to enjoy the sights, the aromas and the music.

Have a great summer day everyone!

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art by naomi said...

Hey there .... your shop is empty :(
Hope all is going well with summer market crazyness. Decided to not do our market after all. Am really happy about that decision considering the heat and the huge work involved. We're playing the summer away both in the yard and in the studio, creating just for the pleasure not the need to sell.
Hope you're having a great summer Micki!