Monday, July 13, 2009

New Vintage Seaside Pendants

Well I must say, the markets are always a surprise... one never knows how they are going to work out so it's always an adventure! Our last one was on Canada Day in Parksville at the beach. We had to be all set up by 9 am but no one came and no one came and still, no one came. So I asked someone if they knew what was up. They said, "Oh, no one really comes until after the parade... around 12:30." Wow! That would have been helpful information to have a little earlier.

Then, after a long day of only 3 very small sales, 4:30 rolled around and we figured we'd better pack up. So, disappointed and discouraged, we were about to put things away when all of a sudden, customers suddenly started coming in droves and were buying, buying, buying! What a funny day. We ended up staying an extra two hours to accommodate all the customers and Cheryl and I were both feeling a whole lot better !

Markets are a great deal of work but it is a very rewarding feeling to have people appreciate your creations. We were able to do some networking as well and obtain a few possible leads as to where else we may be able to sell our nautical treasures. And the day was perfect... the sun shone, the wind blew... oh yes... the wind. That's a whole other story. If you are a marketer, you know what I am talking about. That is a challenge in itself. The first hour was taken up with finding ways to keep things from blowing away!

I had designed some Canada Day Pendants and photo pendants for the market. We now have some new pendants for sale on our site which I am rather excited about. They are vintage-inspired with a seaside twist. There are several designs to choose from, as you will see there in one of the photos. Perfect for a beach wedding gift for sure! We also have some new seaside, multi-purpose boxes for sale now which are such a great gift for men and women alike. They hold pen and pencils, cigars, change, even reading glasses. And they truly are West-Coast creations; embellished with seashells, driftwood and sea glass that Cheryl and I have collected from our Vancouver Island beaches.

Well, we hope everyone's summer is turning out to be wonderful. I am going to Oregon soon to see my son and his wife and my grandbaby, which is something I am so excited about!

Happy summer everyone!

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