Monday, August 24, 2009

More from the Oregon Coast

I have to admit that even though I am crazy about Vancouver Island and will be forever loyal to it, I truly was awestruck by my experience on the Oregon Coast. So please bear with me as I continue to post photos from my trip of this beautiful area. This particular photo is my latest of Cannon Beach. I did alter the colour in this photo with some 'Quick Draw McGraw' maneouvers, but regardless, Cannon Beach is truly breathtaking. And what a quaint little town! I felt so at home there and could easily see myself living there. My poor hubby might never see me though because I would be taking pictures constantly, I fear. So if you ever have a chance to enjoy the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend the trip! Be sure to stop by the Sea Lion caves! Unfortunately I wasn't able to take very clear photos, as you aren't allowed to use a flash.

I am looking forward to having coffee with my dear friend, and partner in crime, Cheryl. We have been like two ships passing in the night lately, each visiting with our own families and taking trips and such. So it will be so nice to catch up and plan our next adventures for A2Sea Creations! September 29 we will be at the Nanaimo Farmer's Market when the cruise ships come in. I will not be there as I will be in Hawaii (poor me) but Cheryl will be and her good friend Janice volunteered to help out. Thank you Janice!

Well I had better get going or else Cheryl will call and I won't be ready! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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