Friday, September 4, 2009


For those of you don't know, besides A2Sea Creations, I also perform Singing Telegrams. I have a singing telegram to perform in Duncan this Saturday, in fact. The poor girl! She has no idea what's coming!

I recall my very first singing telegram. Few people know how it all started. Well, I'll just tell you!
It all began in Mackenzie BC, back in the fall of 1980, when a mother of a friend of mine called me up and asked if I had ever performed a singing telegram. I hadn't. So she asked me if I would consider doing one for her daughter's birthday. She wanted this birthday to be very special and unique. I told her I would try but I couldn't promise anything, seeing as her birthday was that very day!!!
So I spent the next hour hunting and scrounging up anything I could find that, if put together, might resemble a clown costume. And seeing as it was my friend I, too, wanted it to be special. So I wrote down as many things as I could about my friend. I took those notes and made rhymes for it all. Then I proceeded to put the poem to music, utilizing a song I had already written considering my time was so short.

So somehow, by some miracle, I managed to get it all together by 8:00 that evening. I arrived at my friend's door with guitar in hand, a funny outfit, a big grin and I sang her a song all about her. She loved it and was deeply moved, actually!

MY VERY FIRST CLOWN OUTFIT (Dig the eyebrows! And so skinny! Sigh..)

Word soon got around (small town) and the next thing I knew, I had another gig! The only problem was, I had come down with laringytis! What bad luck! But I figured I'd better go anyways because if I cancelled, that would have been worse for my reputation. So I managed to croak out my song. Next thing you know (as if things could get worse) my clown nose fell off and rolled under the restaurant table! Good grief! Well, much to my amazement, everyone thought it was part of the act, as I am under the table trying to rescue my nose, and they are laughing like crazy! And no one seemed to care or notice how terrible I was singing!

So I continued doing telegrams and I soon found myself singing in the post office, in stores, pubs, homes, convention centres... once, I even found myself singing down at a log boom!

I am quite picky about my telegrams... I love making them very personalized and unique for each person. I so enjoy making people laugh. I will probably do it until I 'croak'! In fact, I saw this tv documentary where they showed a headstone you can buy that laughs as you walk by it. Talk about having the 'last laugh'! I gotta have one of those!

I also compose and record wedding songs for couples. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to be able to take part in a couple's lives in such a special, memorable and personal way.

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