Friday, October 23, 2009

Something New at A2Sea!

Earth and Sea - Beach Wedding Bridal Hair Clip

A2Sea Creations has just posted our first hair accessory and there will be more coming very soon. We will be creating several designs from rustic and earthy to more traditional and frilly; all sea-inspired, of course. This beachcombed hair clip may be worn any time, of course, but it was especially designed with the nature-loving-no-frills-bride in mind.

We love to receive ideas from our viewers and customers so email us:, or leave a comment here and tell us what you would like to see us create! Is there something specific you are looking for? Is there someone you have in mind that you'd like us to design a gift for? Let us know and we'll be happy to try and accommodate you! Christmas is closer than you think!

Have a great day everyone and remember to take time to walk along the beach!

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