Monday, March 1, 2010

Something's Fishy at A2Sea Creations

Fish Tales - Unique Tin Pendant With Pewter Starfish Charm

When it comes to designing new jewelry, I find it quite easy to be inspired by the sea. And it is such a satisfying feeling seeing someone wearing your design.

This is the newest addition to our online gift shop. There are a lot of ocean lovers out there, like ourselves, so our creations are appreciated all around the world... and that makes us pretty happy. Like music, the sea is something that so many of us have in common and it tends to draw us together. It is a magical place that holds so many wonderful memories for so many of us. And it's never quite the same... always new treasures to be found and collected. It's like a treasure hunt and who doesn't love those?

Well, now that we have posted this new jewelry design, what will be next, I wonder? I can hardly wait to find out!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Olympics as much as Cheryl and I have. What an exciting time to be a Canadian, I must say! We are so proud.


Victoria said...

That's a beautiful design! I love the bit of netting around the tail, that's quite clever!

The Olympics were awesome, but that hockey game was so stressful, I was dead certain we were goners at the end of the 3rd. Wish I could have been there, it looked like quite the party!

A2SeaCreations said...

Thank you Victoria for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

Yes, I agree about the hockey game... Yikes! Talk about keeping us on the edge of our seats! The only thing I was disappointed with was the closing ceremonies. But I was thrilled with everything else! Thanks again and have a great day!