Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bringing the Beach To You


Cheryl and I attended our first ever Etsy Craft Party in Nanaimo last Friday. What really impressed me was the fact that this party was actually going in other cities all over the world! It proved to be an innovative way to connect and network with other Etsyians while forming new friendships, exchanging ideas and learning new crafts. And, I must add, share delicious snacks... very important!

Speaking of connecting, my niece came to the party with her mom. I hadn't seen either of them for a long time so it was really an extra special evening for me. She was teaching us a few beading techniques and, while referring to a few of her jewelry pieces, she used a term I had never heard before... "UFP's". So I asked her what that meant and she replied, "Unfinished Projects." I laughed and told her I could certainly relate to that!

This Sea Shell and Sand Art Tile you see here was one of those 'UFP's that I finally decided to finish. Now I must tackle a few other 'UFP's' and hopefully change the meaning of the term to:
'U Forgot to Procrastinate'!

I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this wonderful weather! I am off to do a Singing Telegram in Duncan, BC today. The poor girl has no idea what is about to happen to her. (Snicker).

Have a happy, creative day everyone!

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