Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Creations In Another Location!


Cheryl and I are very pleased to announce that our handcrafted seaside gifts are now for sale at our local tourist centre.  We were contacted by the manager (a joy to meet) after she discovered our online gift shop on Etsy She fell in love with our products and asked us to bring them down for her to see.  Much to our delight, she took almost everything we had brought and with much enthusiasm.  This will be our fourth location on Vancouver Island.  This is quite exciting for us and very validating to have our creations appreciated and accepted so readily.  I do believe it is time for a celebration!

I would be amiss if I did not share the funny part of our day.  Cheryl may kill me for adding this, but what the heck.  I'll risk it.  Cheryl had brought some of our creations from her home to bring to the tourist centre.  When she added our newly created products to the ones already in her car, she realized that a box was missing... the one with our magnets and picture frames in it.  At first she couldn't figure out what had happened to it.  And then it occurred to her (to her horror) that when she had stopped at the Sally Ann in Nanaimo to donate a few items, she must have also given them our box by accident.   So we called them and sure enough, that's what had happened.  Luckily, they hadn't priced and put it out yet.  So we will be bringing the tourist centre some magnets and frames in the next few days because they want them, too.  But meanwhile, I have excellent ammunition for whenever I want to rub it in about the time Cheryl gave away our stuff.  And that, I must say, makes it all worthwhile. 

Written and published by Micki Findlay - Co-Creator/Owner of A2Sea Creations on Etsy and Creator/Owner of A2Sea Photography

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