Saturday, March 17, 2012

Men Are NOT Forgotten at A2Sea Creations

I am happy to say that our Etsy Shop has several gifts that are very suitable for the men.  We haven't forgotten you fellas!   Above is my newest creation which may be worn by both women and men alike.  This pendant is quite unique... I hand-picked moss and lichen from several trees in the forest (in pouring rain, I might add) and dried them in the oven.  It was not a pleasant odor.  (An understatement!)  In fact, I thought the fumes might be poisoning my hubby and I.  Still don't know if they did but we're still alive, so that's promising.  Anyhow, I am pleased to say that after a couple of days, the smell went away.  I had to air out my oven for quite awhile though so I'm thinking that if I do this again, I will need to think of some other method.

The upside of it all is that I got this idea to use some of the lichen and moss I had collected and preserve it under glass in a handsome new pendant.  I am loving how it turned out.  It actually looks kind of like a little scene from under the sea!  I also discovered that the moss worked beautifully on some magnets I made the other day for the Parksville Tourist Centre.  

So we have some other creations that are just great for men as well...  we have a very rustic, seaside mirror(see above)  and our Nautical Treasure Box which is great for cigars, pens or pencils, reading glasses, coins... you name it. (see below). 


We also have our 'Message In A Bottle' (see below left ) and our Floating Candle Beach Lantern.  (see below right).  So there you go gals... gift ideas for your fellas (or yourselves, for that matter!)  Now let's hope our weather improves enough to actually go to the beach!  We are so looking forward to that once again!

          Message In A Bottle                                   Floating Candle Beach Lantern 

Written and published by Micki Findlay - Co-Creator/Owner of A2Sea Creations on Etsy and Creator/Owner of A2Sea Photography

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