Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Newest Location

Well, it would seem that I have been very neglectful to our little blog here.  So time for some news, I'd say.  Cheryl and I were visiting The Quilted Duck Gift Cottage in Nanaimo a couple of months ago and as we were looking around at all the pretty things, I said to Cheryl (in front of the lady that worked there) "Wouldn't our products look great in here?"  To which the lady replied, "Oh?  What do you make?"  We told her and the next thing you know, she asked us to bring some of our products around so she could see them.  It has turned out to be our best store yet for our seaside gifts as they are selling like hotcakes there!  As for the lady, her name is Heather and she is a delight to know.  And it happens to be one of our most favourite stores so why not drop by sometime and check it out?

While you're at it, why not stop in for lunch at the Tea House right beside it!  They make fabulous Korean food which is great for me because much of Korean food is also gluten free and even vegetarian.  They have other delectables on the menu besides Korean but I can assure you that everything is delish!  Sometimes they even have live jazz, which is a treat.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  I am off soon to beautiful Oregon to visit both of my sons and their families so I am one excited momma!  My son who lives in New York is coming to Oregon to visit my other son so it's a package deal for me!  Our Etsy shop is closed up until I return.  But we will reopen on August 3rd.

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