Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vancouver Island Etsy Shop Feature - Iona Turner

'Bramble Lane Paperie' on Etsy

• Tell us about who you are and how you got started doing what you do. Did you gain formal training? Where?  If not, how did you develop your art?
I have always had an affinity for art.  I have no formal art training other than high school, and my creativity had been dormant for many years when I started card-making.  My daughter and I took a couple of classes together in 2005 or 2006, and I was hooked.  For the first several years I was just creating cards to give to family and friends, but more and more, I felt that I wanted to branch out and was being encouraged to do so.  I began selling and donating my work in the fall of 2013.

• Tell us about your studio. Do you have a room or workshop especially dedicated to your art? Or is it the kitchen table or a corner in your child's playroom?
Our basement has an in-law suite and I use the kitchen/dining area.  I can easily spend all day down there.  It’s cool in the summer and, in the winter, a woodstove keeps me warm.  I have my music, a sink to clean my inky hands, a kettle, lots of counter and cupboard space, and a 6 foot table.

• Tell us about your processes. How do you work? Do you listen to music or need quiet?  Is it sporadic or do you dedicate set hours to work?
I do not have set hours, as I work at a “day job” which has irregular hours.  But I try to do some every day.  I like to listen to gentle music and CBC. 

• What are the toughest challenges you find in keeping consistent hours?  What other challenges do you face in your work and what ways have you been able to address them (if you have)?
Sometimes the creativity is just not flowing because I’m tired or out of sorts.  For those times I keep a list of “non-thinking” jobs that I can just pull out and do.

• What types of materials do you use and why?
I work with paper, ribbon, and bling.  I like a soft, romantic feel, so I go for papers that are flowery and gentle, or with a country feel such as sunflowers or chickens.   I recently purchased a package of paper with a Mother Goose theme – I hesitated twice because it’s not really my style, but finally decided that, since it was on sale, I would take a chance.  Once I started working with it, I loved it!

• Where else do you sell your work?  
I sell at Buckshot Books (1254 Fair Road in Errington, BC) and I keep a small selection of cards at Womyn’sPath of Healing in Campbell River - (by appt.)  I also take orders through my facebook page.  I have a line of kitten birthday cards which I donate to the Campbell River SPCA, and in February, I donate Valentine’s cards to the Campbell River Head Injury Society who, in turn, sell them to raise funds and awareness.

• Why do you think people should buy handmade?
It’s important to support local small businesses, not just in the craft and gift world, but also in the food we buy and the coffee shops we frequent.  Shopping locally keeps the money here on the island and supports our island economy.  And giving a card or gift that’s been handmade, is so much more special than something bought at a big-box store.

• What goals do you have? 
I want to learn new tricks and try new things.  I recently took a 2 day course in using alcohol markers, which is a whole different concept and effect from what people expect when they think of markers. I am looking forward to some experimentation.   I also just bought a compressor and will be playing with air-brush techniques.  I guess I could say that my goal is to keep learning and having fun with it.

What are three items in your shop that you are particularly proud of?

• Will you be at any art/craft fairs this year?  Any other place you will be (or have been) that you would like us to know about?
I will be at the CampbellRiver Judo Club Christmas Craft Market on November 15 and 16.  I will also be selling my work at the Artisan’s Christmas Market at the Campbell River Art Gallery from November 13 to December 24, 2014.


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Shirley Alexander said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Iona at the Etsy Day Nanaimo event! A lovely and talented lady....her cards are beautiful!!