Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vancouver Island Etsy Shop Feature - Sue Pope

'SeamsSimplebySue' on Etsy

Sue Pope - Creator of the 'Yoga Saki'


Tell us about who you are and how you got started doing what you're doing.
I’ve always dabbled in one thing or another but my journey with SeamsSimplebySue all started about 10 years ago.  Riding transit was part of my daily routine and I found myself realizing that people, especially women, were trying to balance briefcases, bags, kids and yoga mats all while trying to keep hold of the overhead handle. This is where I realized the need for the “Yoga Saki”.   My spouse and my nieces helped me come up with the catchy name for the bag and the business.  From that time on, I’ve been affectionately named by some as the “Bag Lady”.  I kind of like it.

Tell us more about your product.  What type of materials do you use & why?
There may be mass-produced commercial yoga bags but, I feel proud to say, none quite like the “Yoga Saki”.  I currently have two sizes available.  Each has a front pocket, an adjustable carrying strap and a pull-type closure that is adorned with an assortment of beads.  Using a combination of new and re-purposed materials allows for personality and uniqueness. Obtaining fabrics from every possible resource allows for less impact on the environment as well – less waste is going into the landfill!


Tell us about your studio. Do you have a room or workshop especially dedicated to your art? Or is it the kitchen table or a corner in your child's playroom?                         
I do work full time and I find that designing and sewing allows the creative side of me to shine.  I work out of a room in our house that is set up with all the tools of the trade – sewing machine, serger, iron, needles, thread and of course….a huge trunk that holds fabrics and materials all colours and designs.  I think that it really is like an artist putting paint to canvas and realizing that something special can come out of putting together different colours and fabrics.  


Tell us about your processes. How do you work? Do you listen to music or need quiet? Is it sporadic or do you dedicate set hours to work?
I really sew when the mood hits – that way there is no real pressure.  I think this helps with the creativity aspect as well, as does listening to music.
Having said that, part of my business includes creating custom orders and, for someone to make a request with certain colours or materials in mind, well, I just love that challenge as well!  Custom orders can make such a wonderful, personal gift!

Are there any new items coming out soon in your shop that we should know about?
I have created three different sizes of cell phone and iphone bags.  Each of them has a dividing pocket and a long shoulder strap.  These versatile bags can be used for other reasons as well; for example, when a person wants to go for a walk without a purse, but still needs to take along their money and keys.   Besides being attractive and multi-functional, designing these little bags creates an opportunity for me to avoid wasting any odds and sods and scraps of material.  These bags will be added to my online Etsy Shop very shortly.


Are there any other places you sell your work? 
I currently have my bags for sale in a variety of yoga studios and galleries across Vancouver Island; among them being the Comox Valley Art Gallery and the Campbell River ArtGalleryMy website allows people to view bags that I have created and sold in the past.


'Yoga Saki' by Sue Pope on Vancouver Island

Website: www.yogasaki.com

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