Friday, February 27, 2009


I had an appointment yesterday... not a fun one and way too boring to mention. However, the entire day was not a loss. I decided that seeing as I was in the neighbourhood, it would be a great opportunity to go down to the beach to collect more shells and bits of driftwood for our projects. Fortunately I had a plastic bag in my car (It's amazing the variety of things one can find in my car. Sometimes I discover things I never even knew I owned. Figure that one out!)

So with bag in hand, I sauntered on down to the beach, which seemed a bit strange considering it had just snowed the night before. But the sun had shown up and although chilly, it was a lovely day. Collecting seashells was not an easy task, however; with my uncooperative (old lady) back, my jeans that kept falling down (I am hoping that is because I am losing weight?) and my, well, never mind... I always seem to have clothing issues. But I was not to be conquered by life's little challenges! I did prevail, managing to find so many of nature's treasures that I filled the bag to nearly overflowing.

So today, I am up to my pajama sleeves in hot water and bleach, shells, driftwood, numerous crab shells and seaweed, the last of which is presently 'cooking' in my oven so that it will dry out ready for use. There are shells drying on towels all over the kitchen, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately for me, I can work amidst chaos and also fortunate for me, my husband David is extremely easy-going and quite unruffled but the whole affair. He is most assuredly, the man for me. Who else would put up my bizarre lifestyle?

Okay so I am off to check on how my seaweed is progressing. Maybe I should add some to our salad tonight! Well... maybe not.

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art by naomi said...

Gorgeous picture Micki! Well, there's a new one for me, would never have thought that shells and sea shore fodder would need boiling and bleaching to get creative with. I guess if I had attempted sea shell creating you would eventually see critters crawling out.

HaHa, silly me!