Sunday, March 1, 2009


Free Gift Certificates and Upcoming Contests and Cool stuff like that!

I can hardly believe it is March 1st already! How did that happen and where was I? It seems that now that I am older, time goes by faster with each passing year! And today... where did today go? I wanted to make some things but it's already dinner time! Yikes! After spending time on the internet working on marketing ideas, cleaning out the fridge (that was scary) and buying groceries, the day is practically over. I just cannot believe it.

I know that my dear friend and business partner had a much more productive day. She created a new set of absolutely gorgeous greeting cards much like the ones on our Etsy site. These new ones are even more sumptuous and I love that they are all specific to Vancouver Island. She showed them to me via her webcam this morning and, even though I could not make them out perfectly, I could tell that she designed them with her usual flair and wonderfully creative eye. So tonight I had better get cracking and get a few things made! And I mean it!

Stay tuned because we will be announcing a cool contest in the very near future! I am not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, (or rather, the fish out of the net) but it won't be long.

Also, we are offering a free gift certificate to anyone who makes a purchase from our shop and then adds our shop link to Facebook or any other social network they belong to! Please read the details in the column on the right-hand side of our blog. (We will assign a secret # to each certificate that corresponds with the name of the customer.)

Well, I hope that you were able to get more accomplished in your day than I did, whoever you may be. And I also hope you had a great day!

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