Sunday, February 22, 2009


Story and Photo by Micki Findlay - 'I Sea Art' (Series) - (To purchase click here) A2SeaPhotography

One of the kajillion things I love about my husband David is that he's up for almost anything, especially if it's something that makes me happy. (You gotta
love a man like that!)

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Victoria. BC, which is on the south end of our island. We went there to help a friend move. When we were done, I asked David if we could stay in Victoria awhile as it happens to be my favorite place to be. "Where would you like to go?" he asked. "I don't know. Can we just drive around a bit? I just don't feel ready to leave quite yet." So, to no one's surprise, we ended up on Dallas Road which runs all along the ocean. "David, can we stop and collect some seashells for my crafts?" "Sure", he replied. So that's what we did. And instead of just watching me do my thing, (which would have been fine with me) he crouched down beside me and got right to work. I never asked him to. He just did it. And, because he has eyes like a hawk and is so patient, I soon had all of my pockets stuffed full of seashells, various colours and shades of sea glass and bits of driftwood. And I have huge pockets.

I love the way David approaches marriage. He gets that when you help fill your partner's pockets with seashells, you fill up her heart with love. But is it really that simple?


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