Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, our new photography shop is open and ready for business! It only took me until 5:00 this morning but it's done! I'm feeling a little weary today... gee, I wonder why. But I have to say, it was fun getting it up and running, even though, I admit, I nodded off a few times in my chair while doing it. So if the site says anything odd, you will know why.

There 19 photos up for sale and I will be adding to our shop regularly so it is well worth checking back from time to time. Primarily we are featuring ocean-themed photography but in the near future, there will be a wider variety of scenes and subjects to choose from.

Well, I would write more but I am not too zippy today, as you can well imagine. Do stop by our new shop and take a gander. Soon, I will unveil our new contest so keep your eyes peeled! I do love a good contest!

Okay... nightie night. Zzzzzzzzz........

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