Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning New Things

Beachcomber's Bounty - Earthy Jewelry Set

A very popular pendant fashion at the moment are the longer styles. And even more popular are the ones you can adjust to any length. There is a store in Coombs that is interested in carrying my jewelry but asked if I could just change the cords to the slip knot style. I said I would give it a try.

So, with some help from my hubby, (he was a boy scout, way back when) I managed to learn the technique and posted one on our Etsy site. I love to learn new things... except for those painful moments when you are all thumbs and think you will never get the hang of it. But it's such a good feeling when you finally master something and see the finished product.

My next challenge is to start drilling holes through sea glass and seashells with my dremel tool. I've watched some videos and my dear hubby has offered to give me a hand. This will open the door to creating so many more wonderful jewelry pieces.

I have a sense of excitement about this year. I have made up my mind to do some things I have only talked about up till now. If I can't do them on my own, I will find help. The possibilities are endless and I am up for it.

So keep an eye out for our new jewelry and nautical treasures we will be posting soon on A2Sea Creations!

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