Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well I must say, this last two weeks has certainly been a whirlwind of activity for me. I had no idea that putting together a photography show would be so time-consuming and so much work! Not that I am complaining because it has also been fun. But all I can say is that sometimes I'm glad I have a distorted sense of reality because I might not be so quick to jump into these huge projects if I really understood what all they involved. But it's all ready now and open to the public. And I feel as though I could sleep for three days straight. Whew!

I had a wonderful start to my show... no sooner did I have it all hung when someone came in and purchased my most expensive piece right off the bat. I was so excited, flustered and taken aback, I completely forgot how to operate the debit machine! Boy did I feel dumb! But he was ever so gracious and patient and politely and quietly took the pad and swiped his own card, when he saw that I had taken leave of my senses and was clearly in crisis mode. Bless him. I am so glad my piece went to such a nice guy. Thank you Jason!

I would like to extend my gratitude to Odette at the Nanaimo Arts Council for her diligence in getting the word out about my show to the entire media. I have seen several newspaper articles, online ads and tomorrow, Shaw Cable Community TV will be coming to interview me while I am at the gallery. Although I realize this is a great opportunity for me to become better known in the arts community, I am not, in all honesty, looking forward to it. I truly hope I do not say something too stupid. Man oh man. I used to be on tv a great deal when I was the Salvation Army Community Services Director in the Cowichan Valley and I pretty much dreaded it every time back then, too. Ah well. I will just try and be myself. Maybe I should wear my clown costume.....? Or not.

Many thanks also to the hanging committee at the gallery (Gudrun, Marg and Gary) for their hard work, patience and input. And for those yummy muffins you brought to feed us Marg!

I would also like to thank my dear husband, David, who patiently and cheerfully put up with our house being turned upside down these last couple of weeks. The kitchen is the only room with enough light to do all my framing so for awhile there, we could not even see the floor. Two nights we ate take-out because it was too much of a challenge to cook in there. I love you David. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me in all this. You are the best.

Special thanks to my son, Matt at Inerseshen Creative Media, who designed my amazing banner and my logo, who printed up my business cards, gives me great ideas and advice and who constantly inspires me to not be afraid to put myself out there and to believe in myself. Both of my sons (Gord and Matt) encourage me to not limit myself and to 'go for it'. I watch them and see all that they have accomplished in their young lives, fearlessly, and I am constantly awed by their accomplishments. I could not be prouder of them. When I grow up I want to be like them.

I also want to thank my dear friend Cheryl (my A2Sea Creations' partner) for her constant belief in me and encouragement to excel in all that I do. And for telling others to come out and see my work. You are terrific.

And lastly, I want to say thank you to two gals in my neighbourhood who took the time to drive all the way to Nanaimo today to see my show and then come by my house to bring me a big, gorgeous bouquet of tulips and a card to congratulate me. So thank you Gloria and Trina. You made my day!

I am blessed with wonderful friends who have been so supportive of me - cheering me along as I pursue my passion. I am blessed.


art by naomi said...

Congratulations Micki!

A2SeaCreations said...

Thank you dear Naomi!! xox