Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Unique Souvenir from Vancouver Island, BC

Last Saturday was an amazing day... almost like summer. My hubby David had a great idea to go for a drive along our gorgeous coastline up to Courtenay and have brunch by the sea. We saw hundreds and hundreds of sea gulls because they always come in droves during herring season.

So after our yummy brunch, we walked along the seashore and we saw several seagull feathers along the beach so I decided to collect a bunch of them and do something fun with them. So this is what we, at A2Sea, put together... a 'Seagull Feather in a Bottle Souvenir'. I don't know about you but I am pretty bored with the usual souvenirs, namely spoons and mugs. So here is something completely different with a seaside twist!

I can't say I am very thrilled with snow visiting our island (what is that about?) but I am sure glad we got to enjoy that one, lovely summer-like day!

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