Friday, October 22, 2010

A2Sea Is About Kids, Too!

Tropical Fish Children's Quilt By Cheryl

Cheryl has been quilting up a storm these days and, I am happy to announce, she has just finished her newest one for A2Sea Creations! Cheryl puts a lot of love and care into every quilt she makes and this newest one is no exception.

Cheryl and I work on some of our handmade nautical treasures together which, I might add, is always a pleasure. But we each have our own specialties as well... with Cheryl, it is her quilting and her lovely handmade cards. With me, it is my jewelry and our glass treasure bottles. Plus, we also have our own unique ways of working. But we make a wonderful team, not to mention all the laughter that goes on when we get together. It is a rare gift indeed to find someone you can work with so beautifully and enjoy being with week after week. I am truly blessed.

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